Religion of the Pharaohs, Spring 2017



The past century has witnessed a fascination with all things ancient Egyptian. From the earliest version of the film, "The Mummy" to the traveling art exhibit of the treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb (twice!) to the millennium party at the pyramids, the previous hundred years was marked by an obsession with ancient Egyptian religion and culture. This course will examine the religious beliefs and practices of ancient Egyptians and the portrayal of ancient Egypt in popular culture. Specific topics to be studied include: Egyptian royal and social history; Egyptian language and literature; mythology and cosmology; death and the afterlife; temple rituals and architecture; pyramids, tombs and other burial architecture; the intersection of religion with ethnicity, gender, social class, and political power; narratives of the Hebrew Exodus; colonialism and the modern "discovery" of ancient Egypt; and ancient Egypt in film and popular culture.

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Caroline T. Schroeder ("Dr. S")

MWF 11-12:15

Fulfills GE I-C (Global Studies)
Fulfills University Diversity Requirement

cschroeder [at]
WPC 101
Office Hours M 1:30-2:30 pm, W 1:30-2:30 pm, by appt.

Course Requirements % of Final Grade
Quality class participation and attendance 10%
Daily Reading Responses
Cumulative Exam
Blog Setup
OK/MK blog post 15%
NK blog post 15%
Field Trip Blog Post 12.5%
Popular Culture Blog Post 12.5%

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  • Miss more than three & your grade suffers.
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  • Bring your books and notes
  • TAKE NOTES in class
  • Listen, ask questions, contribute thoughtfully

  • Consult class notes AND readings before beginning
  • Cite and link to your sources
  • Provide strong evidence for your claims
  • Meet with Dr S in office hours
  • Submit in time to get feedback and revise for a higher grade
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